Best From Within

The Ultimate Motivational App for Kids

It’s about dealing with obstacles, overcoming the fear of failing, and being persistent towards your goal at a young age. It is the very essence of that motivational message that prompted author Greg Moore to write his inspirational children’s book “The Best From Within” 25 years ago. “It comes down to falling, it’s okay to fall, you need to feel safe to fall down.” The encouraging words of author and acclaimed hockey coach, Greg Moore continue, “Falling is a part of learning and growing. It’s how we deal with falling that matters.”

The Motivational App Based on an Inspirational Children's Book

The Best From Within app is based on a children’s book written by an elite-level sports coach and author. It is the story of a youngster named Charlie who befriends a bee named Bee because Bee, Bee-lieves in himself. And believing in oneself is the first thing to becoming great!  Best From Within’s primary focus is to teach children how to visualize, focus and be persistent in pursuit of their dreams.

Best From Within - The Ultimate Motivational App for Kids
Best From Within - Chase Your Dreams with Best From Within

Chase Your Dreams with Best From Within

Whether it’s sports, getting an A in school, or making a new friend they have to see it to believe it. These are the main keys to success. Dream it. See it. Feel it.  The story of Best From Within is an inspirational but practical one.  While there are many books and stories about chasing your dreams there are not many that instruct one on how to chase them.  Best From Within teaches children that through patience there is no such thing as failure -only results. Chase your dreams, do not give up.

Be the Best You Can Be

The Best From Within app is co-produced by Ryan Moore and Michele Moore Davison, the son and daughter of its writer, Greg Moore. In their own words they state, “We developed the Best From Within app because we want to see children be the best that they can be at whatever they choose to be. We want them to realize that anything is possible.” You can download Best From Within on IOS as an animated read-along, also including audio only or simple text. Download it today, it’s free to start. The Best From Within app because once a child decides they want to be the best they can be they are well on their way.

Best From Within - The Ultimate Motivational App for Kids

App Features

  • Visualize Your Dreams

    Visual Learning: The Best From Within app uses fun and engaging animated illustrations to help children visualize their dreams and goals.

  • Interactive Learning

    Interactive Activities: The app offers interactive activities that help children practice focusing and persistence in the pursuit of their dreams.

  • Read-Along Adventure

    Read-Along Feature: The app includes a read-along feature that helps children develop reading skills while immersing them in the story of Charlie and Bee.

  • Start for Free

    Free to Start: The Best From Within app is free to download and start, making it accessible to all children who want to improve themselves.

Best From Within - FAQs

Browse through our frequently asked questions to find out the answers you are looking for. If you need more help, please contact us directly. 

You can download this app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device. Simply click on the links at the top or bottom of the page to download.
The chapter topics of the book include; believing in yourself, visualization, focusing on your goal, having persistence, dealing with unfavourable results or failure, how to take a different approach, pushing outside of your comfort zone, setting your goals, dealing with nerves and anxiety, and how to chase your dream!
It is educational, inspirational, and motivational! The Best From Within is a 20minute self improvement story/lesson for kids teaching them step by step how to achieve any goal they may have.
The most popular form is the Animated Read-A-Long. It is also available as Audio Only to listen on headphones or in a car. A third option available is plain text to read for yourself!
Its free to start! Download today and enjoy the first 2 chapters for free. We are certain you’ll see its value and want to continue.
Coming soon! We are working to enhance The Best From Within with material for download to help parents engage with their children on the topics addressed in the story.
Yes! Download the app and click ‘Buy Giftcode’ and share the code by email or text to whoever you’d like!


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