The Best From Within: Chapter 1 – Believe In Yourself

Chapter 1 gets of to an exhilarating start! Standing on a baseball field a space ship appears in front of Charlie getting ready for liftoff. A bumble bee ‘Bee’friends Charlie and explains that he’s taking Charlie on the most uplifting Journey of his life! A trip into his future, a search for his best, and they’re going to follow the trail of the superstars before them.

Charlie is skeptical, but Bee explains that deep down inside theres always more. More speed in your race, more runs, more save, more of anything and everything. It’s just a matter of bringing it out. Imagine winning a gold medal, being the fastest runner, becoming an astronaut…

…It’s all possible, and the first step is believing in yourself.

The next step is Chapter 2 – Bring Your Dreams To Life

Children will be taught how to develop a clear dream to pursue. Stay Tuned! More to come…

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